Sunday 23rd June 2013 – Pentecost 5C (3)

Lord of the rising son,

and the glorious dawn;

Lord of the drizzling rain

and murky mist –

Creation is clothed with the bright array

of Your presence.

Each inch of colour

reflects the your hopes and welcome.

Each centimeter of water

quenches the thirst

of dried earth and imagination.

Taking a place

in Your temple,

we discover that all that we have been

is replaced with a vision

of all we could become

in Christ’s name.


God of story and memory,

we come ashamed of the memories

we have created by our failings.

Falling short of the markers

Jesus has set,

our actions,

our thoughts and our words

betray our own selfish ambitions

and do not always reflect Your hope.

Remembering all that we have left undone

and ignored,

we sit in silence in Your presence,

seeking the assurance of Your love and forgiveness.




Living God,

day and night You sing your joy to our sorrow

that we might live as those forgiven.

In choosing to follow You,

may our thirst for You

be reflected in the justice and love

we share in Christ’s name.



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