Sunday 28th July 2013 – Pentecost 10C (4)

God of love and God of mercy,

who blesses our lives

with Your presence

in every aspect and corner,

we praise You for all that we know of You

and all we are still to discover.

We see signs of Your kingdom

whenever compassion is shown to those in need,

and wherever peace breaks through conflict.

As Your people

we hope to demonstrate our praise of You

in the action of living

in the presence of Christ.


We pray for those

who today will not have enough to eat

and ask that they may be fed.

We pray for those who are hungry

for love and friendship,

for forgiveness, peace or a sense of purpose;

and ask that that they may be fed.

May all who seek nourishment

find their needs are met,

so that through the gifts they offer to the world,

they may offer the physical and spiritual feeding of Christ.


We pray for those who have hurt us

and others.

May Your forgiveness of us

enable us to live as those

who are not driven by our hurts.

Instead call us to a world

that values good relationships.

where people are willing to live in harmony

rather than a community

that revels in the failings of others.

We pray that Your church

may better exhibit the love of Christ,

as we look for the qualities in others and ourselves

that visibly show Christ present in our midst.


We pray for those

who feel that they are being tested

in faith and life.

We remember those

who are ill or anxious,


those who face new challenges.

We pray for new parents, and grandparents,

and the families that support them.

May know your strength and guidance,

as Your kingdom is established

in their living.


We offer these our prayers,

in Christ’s name.



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