Sunday 1st September 2013 – Pentecost 15C (5)

Gracious Lord,

In gratitude we come before You,

remembering the times when You have lifted

from all that weighs us down,

to enjoy the creation and world of which we are part.

In Your presence

we are reminded of

the overwhelming and unbidden nature of Your love

that offers all and any

a place at You table.

You have set a feast

for eyes, imaginations, spirit and soul.

We thank You for the vibrancy of colour;

for the wonder of tone and pitch;

for giggles and hilarity;

for silence and presence.


Gathered in You name,

we pray for others

to be welcomed to You banquet.


Leader: Bless them



We pray for strangers;

people we have yet to meet

and those we will never know.

In this place of worship,

may those who come seeking

an understanding of the history of faith in this place

find Your welcome,

and leave provoked to know more.


Leader: Bless them



We pray for those in prison;

may they know Your love

in the visits they receive

and in the way they pass each day.


Leader: Bless them



We pray for those who are persecuted;

we pray for those living in Syria,

caught between regimes

who long for peace;

for those who are forced to leave their homes

and seek refuge elsewhere;

for those who find their opinion

is of little worth.


Leader: Bless them



We pray for ourselves;

for the relationships that matter most to us –

whether it be with siblings, spouses, parents or friends.

May each relationship remind us

of Your desire for us to live

within Your embrace.

We give thanks for the faith of others

that offered glimpses of Your world

that set the invitation to participate

in Your kingdom.


Leader: Bless them





Sunday 1st September 2013 – Pentecost 15C (4)

Lord of love,

we praise You for Your grace

given in the gifts of our lives.

From the wealth You have bestowed upon us

we give a little,

that we might offer the compassion and mercy

we have received.

Help us to seek the best for all

and share humbly 

in Christ’s name.



Sunday 1st September 2013 – Pentecost 15C (3)

Inviting God,

You have made us welcome in Your house

and at Your table.

A Lord of service

You find each of us a place

and remind us 

that we belong to You.

Listening to our needs,

You know just where to place us

so that we might dance 

at the heart of justice,

or listen

for the hush of humility,

or speak

with the tone of mercy.

Offering the finest of Your wares

we grow in our understanding

of all You inspire us to be in Christ.


Gracious Lord,

we are not always gracious.

Serving is not an easy path 

to walk,

and we fear humility

lest we find ourselves ignored and undervalued.

And in seeking after self,

we hurt others,

with our words, thoughts and actions.

Forgive us

for not enjoying

the relationship with You

that You invite us to

in the life of others.




Lord of forgiveness,

you are the guiding light in our lives,

that shine into our lives

that we might return to You

and find ourselves renewed by Your Spirit.

May that light within lead other to knowledge of You

in Christ’s name.


Sunday 1st September 2013 – Pentecost 15C (2)

Praise the Lord.


Bless the one who fear the Lord

and delights in His word.


May every generation know the blessing of God.

May the wealth and riches of life

endure within the Lord’s house.

As light dawns,

may this place ring with compassion and grace;

and may the generosity of the Lord

be received freely

as justice shakes the status quo.


Praise the Lord,

and place trust in Him,

for he is steadfast in His love.


Sunday 25th August 2013 – Pentecost 14C (5)

Lord of mountain tops, lakesides,

boats and beaches,

embracing Your mystery

we give thanks and praise

for sacred space and time.

Places where the cares of the world melt away

and we lose ourselves in Your story

and the Holy Spirit’s prompting

of the activity of Your people.

We give thanks and praise

for the busyness and ordinariness

of the places we gather

and meet with other people.

So we thank you for theatres and concert halls;

shopping centres and corner stores;

parks and playgrounds;

coffee shops and restaurants.

For in these situations

You are at play

as Christ’s story is told

in passing conversation

and comfort,

and laughter,

and shared hopes,

and in the assurances that people matter.


It is in You

that what we might view as ordinary and dull

is transformed to something beautiful and full of awe.


Help us as a church

to allow ourselves to be reshaped to Your will.

As people work together in Your name,

may we value what reveals Your presence

and not be afraid to pull down or rebuild.

Make us courageous

in times of restlessness and uncertainty,

ready to stand in Your light and knowledge.


We pray for those who design and form the spaces

in which we live and work.

For city, planners, architects and builders,

for gardeners.

We remember those who do not enjoy

the luxuries of our homes,

who face danger through lack of clean water

and adequate sanitation within their homes.

Bless those who seek to bring Your light

as they play a part in building and shaping communities.


In the story of creation,

You have taught us to appreciate

the awe and wonder of watching and waiting,

of respecting all we have been given.

Help us to respect our times of worship,

and those who are part of Your creation.

We pray for those who have not been respected,

for those who have been abused.

May Your light find its way into their hearts and homes,

so that they may know Your goodness in life.


Respect reaches beyond individuals

into our engagement with communities and nations.

Forgive our poor opinion of other people,

and our undermining comments.

Teach us new language

that values the wealth of gifts

found across our world

that offers a rich tapestry

of who God is to us.


We thank You that You are always making all things new,

as You heal and restore.

We pray for Your life everlasting

as it shines through the saints of yesterday, today and tomorrow;

in Christ’s name.