Sunday 11th August 2013 – Pentecost 12C (3)

Lord of the heavens,

whose promises twinkle in the stars above,

You have set creation on a journey

that leads towards knowing

Your love and trust.

In faith,

we come with questions

of our place amidst this universe.

Through faith,

we discover the abundance

of the love of God,

as each evening

we recall the precious moments of a day,

and with each new dawn

we rise to live out

all that faith might ask of us

as the Hoy Spirit leads and guides.


Under starlit skies

there are times

when we lose sight of Your promise,

determined that our will and desires

should have their place

in the scheme that is to unfold.

Our eyes can be clouded to Your vision,

and instead we prefer the comfort and sleep

that do no disturb

the status quo we prefer.




Your faith in us,

heavenly King,

takes us by the hand

and wipes the sleep and mist away

that through faith in Christ

we might meet again

Your desire

for all to know of Your love and promise

for the creation

lit by Your light.



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