Sunday 18th August 2013 – Pentecost 13C (5)

Lord of all time,

within the walls of our building

we occasionally lose sight

of all for which thanksgiving should be offered.

The ordinary tasks of life invade

and thoughts can move to shopping list,

or Sunday lunch,

or people coming,

or planned outings,

or what the working week will hold.

Yet within a worship space

each stone and symbol,

carving and banner,

offers a reminder of the history of faith

on this site.

We give thanks for the generations

who have borne witness to their faith in You,

and have raised songs of thanksgiving,

while living lives

that offered Your love,

sharing the good news

that we might find ourselves

the new generation of witnesses.


Surrounded by the faith of others

we bring our prayers,

sharing themes and stories

that speak of our desire

to serve You

as You seek to transform our world.


We pray for the kingdoms of our world,

and for those who offer leadership.

May governments and politicians

use their positions of power

to administer justice and ensure the equity

of all people.

We pray for the people of Egypt

as opposing parties seek to control the government.

And we pray for the people of Zimbabwe

as they live with political decisions.


We pray for those who are persecuted

or who live in the midst of war and turmoil.

For children and young people

who have weapons thrust into their hands,

or who do not know a childhood of peace

and the freedom to wander safely

around their towns.


We pray for those who are hungry,

and who who do not know when they will next be able to eat.

Our images are of swollen bellies and dry mouths

in foreign lands,

and we remember how the greed of our communities

has meant that others do not always have enough

with which to survive.

Awaken us to recognise

that hunger haunts our own streets,

for there are those who struggle to make ends meet,

and who will feed the vulnerable of their own families

before feeding themselves.


We remember those

who are grieving

as they miss family members and friends from their lives.


We pray for those who have touched

the lives of this congregation and of individuals

with their faith in Jesus Christ

even in times of hardship.

Make us worthy of Your calling

that Your Holy Spirit

may inspire us to respond in ways

we did not believe

as the story of Christ continues to reach beyond our worship.


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