Sunday 29th September 2013 – Pentecost 19C (3)

Drawing us closer to Your gates,

Lord of the invitation,

You prepare us for settling in You presence.

You tend the wounds of the world,

that all may know Your comfort

and overwhelming love.

In the glimpses of heaven You offer

we catch sight of the poverty of our world,

and You nurture within each of us

a desire for the completeness

that is found in You.

For with You

our trust is treasured

and in each part of creation

is tended according to its need.


In the shade of Your gates

we sense our inadequacy

as we place our hope in the material nature of our world.

There are times when we have felt


with nothing to offer the world;

times when we have acted in self-interest

and hurt others in the process.


Loving God

who cleanses our thoughts,

You urge us on

to be agents of change made in Christ’s name.



Sunday 29th September 2013 – Harvest (5)

O God our Creator,

who asks us to look after the earth

and to enjoy and love it,

we pray:


For those who are hungry or homeless.

For those whose crops have failed to grow.

For those who do not know a loving home

or a safe place to play.


We pray:

For those who are poor.

For those whose skills are not used.

For those who are afraid to speak the truth.


We pray:

For those who are lonely.

For those who are sad.

For those who long to make new friends.


Open our ears

to hear Your call to help,

and fill our mouths with love and laughter

as we share what we know of You with others.



Sunday 29th September 2013 – Pentecost 19C/ Harvest (4)

Lord of harvest,

throughout the year

You tend and nurture

the seeds within the soil and within our hearts.

You shine light

that the buds might grow

and refreshen with water

to ease the thirst.

As the fruit appears

You listen for our thanksgiving of all we have been given.

We thank You for all we have enjoyed this year,

and all you have given us

in fun, food and laughter.

We offer from what we have been given

that others might know Your presence

in their lives.


Sunday 29th September 2013 – Harvest (3)


we thank You for the changing seasons,

for autumn, and all our harvest gifts.

As the days grow shorter

each of these gifts reminds us of Your promise of love.

For in all we eat and drink

You help us to grow,

and work;

to make plans

and enjoy our world.


Help us to celebrate

all the good things we eat,

and all that we have enjoyed this year.

When we think back on the spring and summer

may we remember the times of fun and laughter.

When we have made mistakes

remind us to sorry,

and to learn a new way to live,

as we follow Jesus in all we say and do.



Sunday 29th September 2013 – Pentecost 19C/Harvest (2)

Praise the Lord

with all your soul and all your life.

Sing praises for as long as you live.

Our trust should not be placed

in earthly wealth or riches.

Instead our hope is in the Lord our God,

who made heaven and earth,

the sea,

and everything in them.

For the Lord is faithful,

and reaches out to those in need:

the poor and hungry,

the prisoner and the oppressed.

In the Lord freedom is found;

sight is restored;

and those bowed down with life are lifted up.

The Lord reigns forever.

Praise the Lord.

Sunday 29th September – Pentecost 19C/Harvest

As we gather, Lord of creation, we reflect on why we are here.

For some it is a day of celebration, as we give thanks for the gifts of harvest.

For others, this is a place of comfort and assurance of Your love.

Listening to all our hopes and needs,

You respond with comfort and disturbance,

encouraging us to grow in wisdom and understanding of Christ.


Sunday 22nd September 2013 – Pentecost 18C (5)

Mysterious God,

we do not always understand

the stories we hear of You,

and as we walk away and ponder something new

each time we meet,

we find ourselves surprised

by the journey that You have set our feet upon.

We thank You that out of Your mystery,

we find ourselves relating to people and the world

in new and exciting ways.


Hear us, O Lord,

as we pray for those

who trample the poor and the needy.

We pray for governments and the local council

as they administer their duty of care

for the communities in which they live.

As many people around us find it more difficult

to make ends meet,

and resort to other means to support themselves

or family life,

we think of those who could take advantage,

and so we pray for loan sharks and money lenders.


Hear us, O Lord,

is the season of Autumn begins

and we remember those who have worked

their land throughout the year,

bringing food to the table

whatever the weather.

We pray for those who serve customers on a daily basis.

So we thank you for the local shopkeeper

who knows each customer

and their community.

We pray for supermarkets

those who work within them,

and those who set the prices.

While market forces might take prices up or down,

may those prices be fair.


Hear us, O Lord,

as we pray for those who tremble

their way through life.

May we remember those

who carry a sense of fear of what tomorrow might bring,

and with You may we work

to bring security and peace to our world,

through the presence of Christ.