Sunday 8th September 2014 – Pentecost 16C (3)

Lord of heaven and earth,

blessing Your creation through life and growth

and resurrection,

we praise You for Your love.

In love

You direct our hearts

that we might walk Your path,

seeking what is good and true.

Your voice speaks of righteousness

to be found in all creation,

brought into being

in the relationships

that are built of truth and compassion.

You lead to resources

that enrich all life,

and offer an invitation

to sit, engage and share.


Forgive us, God of grace

as we confess

that our lives are not always

easily shaped in response to You.

We place our needs before the needs of others,

and can find it hard

to ensure that all that Christ inspires

is at the forefront of our being.

Clinging to possessions,

we cannot imagine having less.

Lives are built around our own hopes and ambitions,

and leave little space

for offering Christ to others.




Everloving God,

You offer each moment

as an opportunity to start again.

With forgiveness You give us courage

to place our feet upon the path of Christ.




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