Sunday 22nd September 2013 – Pentecost 18C (5)

Mysterious God,

we do not always understand

the stories we hear of You,

and as we walk away and ponder something new

each time we meet,

we find ourselves surprised

by the journey that You have set our feet upon.

We thank You that out of Your mystery,

we find ourselves relating to people and the world

in new and exciting ways.


Hear us, O Lord,

as we pray for those

who trample the poor and the needy.

We pray for governments and the local council

as they administer their duty of care

for the communities in which they live.

As many people around us find it more difficult

to make ends meet,

and resort to other means to support themselves

or family life,

we think of those who could take advantage,

and so we pray for loan sharks and money lenders.


Hear us, O Lord,

is the season of Autumn begins

and we remember those who have worked

their land throughout the year,

bringing food to the table

whatever the weather.

We pray for those who serve customers on a daily basis.

So we thank you for the local shopkeeper

who knows each customer

and their community.

We pray for supermarkets

those who work within them,

and those who set the prices.

While market forces might take prices up or down,

may those prices be fair.


Hear us, O Lord,

as we pray for those who tremble

their way through life.

May we remember those

who carry a sense of fear of what tomorrow might bring,

and with You may we work

to bring security and peace to our world,

through the presence of Christ.




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