Sunday 27th October 2013 – Pentecost 23C (5)

In our prayers to You,

God of all life,

we thank You

for all that we have enjoyed this week.

For time to play and rest,

for time with family and friends,

for the strangers who have made our day

with the kind words or smile they offered.

We thank You for the food upon our tables,

for the homes in which we live,

and the space of the world around us.

God of Promise


In what we pray today,

we remember the world in which we live,

and the stories that we hear

from the news or in messages shared.

We pray for the Queen and for her family,

and thank you for times of celebration

found in baptism.

We remember other families

who will be making promises today,

that their children

may know homes where they are loved,

and where the story of God’s presence

is shared through the retelling

of the story of Jesus.

God of Promise


We pray for politicians and community leaders.

We pray for the Scottish Parliament

and all those who serve

within the walls of a building

and out in their communities.

May they be willing to listen

to the stories of those who find life hard

and see fair way for all to live

God of Promise


We pray for the lost and the lonely of the world,

that they may know Your love.

As those who have made promises today,

may the words sit within our hearts

and shape our lives

so that we might better care for our world.

God of Promise


In Christ’s name.



Sunday 27th October 2013 – Pentecost 23C (4)

You, Loving Lord,

have promised to always love us,

and in all each day brings

we meet You.

Remembering all that we have been given by You,

we give a little of what we have.

And with this gift we say thank You,

as You open the door

to allow us to play our part

in Christ’s name.



Sunday 27th October 2013 – Pentecost 23C (3)

First service – based on Psalm 84

How lovely is Your dwelling place,

Lord God Almighty,

for in this place

our hearts are awakened

to the wonder and beauty,

the need and creativity

of the world around.

Every living creature finds a home

where they might shelter,

and give life to new energy.

With songs of praise,

creation seeks Your blessing.


Lord forgive

our faint hearts

that are not always ready 

to make the pilgrimage

through life.

The storms of relationships 

leave us apart from those You have asked us to love.

The failings of others

sometimes leave us hurt,

and unable or unwilling

to offer commitment that leaves us vulnerable.


Lord God Almighty,

You hear our prayers

and listen to our sorry tales,

and yet look upon us with favour.

Yoour forgiveness allows us to be blameless,

as You invite us only to trust in You

as we find You in Christ.



Second Service – based on “Promises”

God of Promise,

Each day and night

You remind us of Your promise

to love our world.

As the sun rises

we are to find You

in time to play and work,

and in sharing life with friends.

At the day’s end,

the darkness allows for us to sleep,

and rest and grow.

With the many colours

of our world

You put a rainbow around us

that speaks of Your love.


As we come to church today

may we listen for your love

retold in words and song,

and in the time we share with others.



Sunday 27th October 2013 – Pentecost 23C (2)

It’s a complicated day here tomorrow, and so almost two different sets of prayers as we cater for traditional worship at one service, and then a family crowd at a later service.

First service – based on Psalm 84

In this dwelling place of the Lord,

we gather

to rest within the beauty of His Spirit.


All have a place

within this nest,

for all of creation is blessed by the Lord.


As the Lord listens to our prayers

may we take strength

for the pilgrimage of life.



Second service – based on “Promises”

Rejoicing in God’s promise

we gather to worship Him,

to speak of Him,

and to allow His promise of love

to soak into our lives.

We gather to renew our promises

under the rainbow

of God’s love

and be refreshed

in all the tasks we do each day.