Sunday 13t October 2013 – Pentecost 21C (5)

Welcoming God,

who offers each of us a place within Your embrace

we thank You for Your acceptance and healing.

Music can calm souls,

food nourishes,

and attention reminds of belonging.

For all the resources and riches

that fill our lives

we offer praise.

For the entwining of our lives

and the capacity to think for ourselves,

we thank You.

For our personalities

and the characteristics of others,

that offer visions of Your presence,

we give You thanks.


As we have found our welcome and belonging,

we pray for a world

where all may know hope

and a sense of belonging to the wonder of Your creation.


We pray for the healing of creation.

As the stewards of all

that surrounds us,

teach us to be careful with our world.

Help us to start with ourselves

and to think about the use of energy

and the journey our food makes to our plates.

Then open our eyes

to the wider world,

and prepare us to use our voices

to speak of the care that is needed

to make it a world that others enjoy.


We pray for the healing of nations.

Nations are divided by war,

by wealth and poverty.

and by race and culture.

May all people learn

to respect the values and hopes of others,

and in working with others,

may we shape a world

where peace and justice

are more than a hope,

and instead part of ordinary living.


We pray for the healing of people.

For those who are broken

because they do not feel they belong.

For those who are lost

because they do not know love.

For those who are unwell

in body, mind or spirit.

In a week where there has been a focus

on the mental health of people across the world,

we pray for those

who can seem at odds

with our world.

May they in their highs and lows,

in the missing parts of memory,

and the overwhelming imagination,

find Your presence in the care they are offered.


We pray for a world

where all can give thanks

in the knowledge

that all belong to God,

in Christ’s name.



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