Sunday 20th October 2013 – Pentecost 22C (3)

God of autumn,

this your creation

demonstrates your transforming nature.

With the changing of the season

and the seeming signs of dying life

there is the possibility

to see the end of life

with no hope or potential or possibility.

In the stripping bare of nature though

we witness the preparation for inner growth

that when springtime returns

will allow a new strength

to pour forth

from all that is hidden within.


If only we could live as nature intended,

and be prepared to cast from ourselves

all that hides the person

you would hope us to be.

Shielding ourselves from harm,

we have wrapped ourselves

so that the pain of the world around us

might not invade our shells.

We camouflage ourselves

with words

so that others might not discover

the pain we would cause each other.


In your forgiveness of who we are

you invite us to step into clothes of your seasons

that we might discover your love

preparing us to let go of old patterns

and place our lives in your hands

that when Winter passes

we might step out in new garments of faith

that speak of the rebirth of Spring in our lives.



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