Sunday 1st December 2013 – Advent 1C (5)

Holy God,

calling us to Your mountain-top,

You lay out the world before our eyes

so that in our prayers

we pray for people and places

with fresh vision

of the hope and ideals

by which You invite us to live.

Shedding light into the darkest corners,

You turn our faces

that we might see afresh

a vision of what is possible within Your creation.


So Lord we pray for those at war

that their weapons might be remodelled

to the tools

that offer signs of You

in our midst.

We pray for the Armed Forces,

for those overseas in hostile territory;

for those who wait at home for a loved one to be returned;

for those who have been wounded

and who face a different future.


We pray for those at war

in the politics of life.

On this day of new beginning of the Christian Year,

at this St Andrew’s tide,

and in a week where the politics of Scotland

has been scrutinised by some,

we pray for sensible conversation;

informed discussion;

and the willingness to listen to all perspectives.


We pray for those at war

with their emotions and their health.

We pray for those whose lives have been affected

by the helicopter crash in Glasgow,

and remember the families of those who died

and those who remain injured in hospital.

We remember those

who have been bereaved,

caught been missing and the ongoing pace of life.

We pray for those

who want to do all they have always done,

and yet find that body and mind

do not always want to play their part.


God of light and wisdom,

may You guide us all

into Your vision and peace,

in Christ’s name.




Sunday 1st December 2013 – Advent 1A (4)

Lord of light,

in this season of waiting

for the gift to be revealed,

we bring our own gifts

uncertain of what the plans

You have in the days to come.

May we give thanks for all we have received,

and await all that is still to happen

as You shine light

into those who need to know Your love

shown in Christ.



Sunday 1st December 2013 – Advent 1A (3)

Lord of the highest heavens,

drawn to the light and warmth of Your presence

we come to worship You

in the peace and stillness

in this holy place of worship.

In these dark days of winter,

You light the path

to a day of wonder

with the progress from flickering candle

to the dazzling display of fairy lights

and glowing fires.

Within our hearts,

Your love establishes

the way of love and justice

that our lives might glow with faith

and offer the light

to those who come in search

of the knowledge

that will lead them to Christ.

With words of peace

spoken to troubled hearts,

You settle long held grievances,

and take the weapons we use to bruise and harm

to restore them for Your purposes.


Merciful God,

when we fail to walk in Your light

You do not abandon us.

So we come full of sorrow

at the ways in which we have hurt You,

one another and ourselves.

We come remembering the harsh words

that have not brought peace in the life of another.

We come remembering

how we have waged war

when we have not got our own way.

We come harbouring anger and mistrust

because of the words or treatment by another.


Merciful God,

inviting us to live at one with You,

You offer Your forgiveness

and shed light into our lives

that we might see the way

that You intend our lives to be shaped,

and mould us

to offer a vision of Christ.


Sunday 1st December 2013 – Advent 1A (2)

Let us rejoice

with all those

who have been drawn to the house of God.

Let us place our feet upon the hallowed ground

that heaven encompasses.

A place where people have come and gone

as they have offered praise to the Lord.


In prayer,

may we pray for peace in far off lands,

and security for those we love.

May these walls offer

a shelter from the bustle of the world beyond.

May we find peace

as the hectic days of preparation

hustle onto diaries and calendars.


In this house of the Lord

may our lives be enriched

by His presence.


Sunday 24th November 2013 – Christ the King C (5)

At the foot of Your throne,

Christ our King,

we take our seat

that we might sing and tell of our thanksgiving.

In the changing of the seasons,

may we take time to remember

all that the past year has brought,

and the fruits that have nourished our own faith and lives.

We thank You for friends old and new,

who have spoken of Your love and faithfulness.

We thank You

for the shelter of our homes and relationships.

We thank You for the challenges of life

that we continue to face

when new patterns are expected of us.

And we thank You

for the crowds of people

who sit around us,

and share Your story and our history.


Within the crowds of our world,

we pray for the Queen and her family;

for politicians and government,

remembering the decisions they make on our behalf

as they shape the societies and communities

of which we are part.


We pray for the armed forces.

For those who are serving in difficult  and dangerous places,

and we remember their families

and those they love,

who wait and pray

for safe returns.


We pray for those who are in prison,

and those who seek to help them.

May they find the hope

that encourages and inspires them

to make a new start.


And we pray for those who are the crowd.

The people we know in life,

who stand and watch and wait.

We think of those who choose the crowd as a place to hide,

that others may not know their illness,

their loneliness or upset.

For those who use the crowd as a place to hide

from expectation or responsibility.

May we all find the courage to step out in faith,

and speak in Christ’s name

of the love of God.