Sunday 3rd November 2013 – Pentecost 24C/ All Saints’ (3)

You are our hiding place,

Lord of all creation,

and under the shelter of Your wings

there is protection from the world around.

When the waters of the world

threaten to overwhelm,

it is Your voice

that issues the calm command

that quells all trouble.

Your ears are open

for the prayers

of all who long to be found,

whenever they are lost.

When the heat of summer saps energy,

it is Your hand that refreshes

for all that lies ahead.


You are our hiding place,

Lord of all people.

In Your presence we lay before You

all that this week has asked of us

and acknowledge those times

when we have chosen to follow our own path,

rather than bear Christ’s name.

We remember those we have hurt

in our desire to put our own needs and wants first.

You are the hiding place

when we are hurt

by the careless thoughts and action

of those we thought were friends.


Voice of reason,

God of grace,

washing through the darkness of all that burdens,

You offer us forgiveness

that we may draw closer to You and to others.

May we be guided in the choices we make

by the healing of Your words.

In Christ’s name.



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