Sunday 24th November 2013 – Christ the King C (5)

At the foot of Your throne,

Christ our King,

we take our seat

that we might sing and tell of our thanksgiving.

In the changing of the seasons,

may we take time to remember

all that the past year has brought,

and the fruits that have nourished our own faith and lives.

We thank You for friends old and new,

who have spoken of Your love and faithfulness.

We thank You

for the shelter of our homes and relationships.

We thank You for the challenges of life

that we continue to face

when new patterns are expected of us.

And we thank You

for the crowds of people

who sit around us,

and share Your story and our history.


Within the crowds of our world,

we pray for the Queen and her family;

for politicians and government,

remembering the decisions they make on our behalf

as they shape the societies and communities

of which we are part.


We pray for the armed forces.

For those who are serving in difficult  and dangerous places,

and we remember their families

and those they love,

who wait and pray

for safe returns.


We pray for those who are in prison,

and those who seek to help them.

May they find the hope

that encourages and inspires them

to make a new start.


And we pray for those who are the crowd.

The people we know in life,

who stand and watch and wait.

We think of those who choose the crowd as a place to hide,

that others may not know their illness,

their loneliness or upset.

For those who use the crowd as a place to hide

from expectation or responsibility.

May we all find the courage to step out in faith,

and speak in Christ’s name

of the love of God.




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