Sunday 29th December 2013 – Christmas 1A (4)

Holy Lord of every day,

in this Christmas season

You invite us to leave the warm and safe embrace

of the stable,

and step out into the world.

You lead us from a baby’s birth

to the rebirth of our knowledge of Your presence

in the fullness of human life.

We can never match

Your gifts of compassion, healing, mercy love and belonging,

and yet You encourage us

to give with all our heart,

that others might know Your tender compassion

in the flight they make

from uncertainty and suffering

into the embrace

of Your redeeming power.




Sunday 29th December 2013 – Christmas 1A (3)


We praise You for Your kindness.

Entering human existence

You encounter every frailty, folly

and ambition,

and in the deed of loving humankind

You offer compassion and healing

to all.

We praise You for Your love and mercy

that lifts Your people

from the darkness and loneliness

sometimes met

on the passage of life.

In Christ’s name.


Sunday 29th December 2013 – Christmas 1A (2)

Praise God in the heavens,

praise Him in the highest heights.

As angels and the heavenly host,

as the sun blazes and the moon glows,

as the stars shine,

the Lord is to be praised.


Praise God in the skies above

and in the depths of the waters,

for He created the seas and the heavenly canopy,

and commanded the light to invade the darkness.

The Lord sets everything in place,

and he alone is to be exalted.


As we gather to worship,

we join the chorus of creation

that sings in praise

of the Lord who is with us,

raising us close to His heart.


May the Lord be praised.

Christmas Day 2013 (2)

Mighty God, 

Creator of the heavens and the earth,

of the shining stars and spinning world,

we come before you now 

that we might celebrate Your love

and discover that we are welcome.

Our night time was spent

slumbering under the warmth of quilt,

and we missed the heavenly welcome

presented to shepherds

under a velvet sky;

we missed the angelic chorus

calling us to hurry;

and yet You call us to Your cradle.

In the wonder of Your presence

You fill us 

with Your holy light

that transfigures the darkness of our lives

to bear the hope of Your love.


We are not always ready, 

Child in the manger,

to meet You.

Instead we make excuses

so that we might waste our time and energy

on things that are not important,

picking fights or failing to help.


Your love is generous in its forgiveness

and makes a space for each of us

that we might bathe in the hope of God,