Sunday 8th December 2013 – Advent 2C (3)

God of Jesse,

growing within our lives

and bringing fruit

into the depth of winter,

You are the Spirit of wisdom and understanding

that invites the creation

to delight in resting in Your presence,

and revel in awe and wonder.

You do not judge us harshly,

instead with justice

You open wide our eyes

to take heed of the needy.

Where we might be afraid of character and personality,

You throw back all that divides,

and allow us to encounter the best of others,

bringing the potential of hope and peace

within the grasp of our own lives.


Lord forgive us

for searching out all that might divide us

from those we share this community

and our world with.

Forgive us our petty family squabbles

about who sits where,

and what belongs to who.

Forgive us when we think

that appearance and accent matter more

than a willingness to exhibit Christ within our lives.

Forgive us when we shut others out

because we cannot find the common ground

within an argument.


God of Jesse,

may Your growing presence in our lives

remind and refresh our knowledge

that even before we ask we are forgiven,

and in that knowledge

may we allow You to bear fruit in our lives

enabling the love of Christ

to shine in all we do.




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