Sunday 8th December 2013 – Advent 2C (4)

Adapted from the Prayer of Intercession found in “Roots”.


Loving God,

who filled Your holy prophets

with visions of grace and peace,

grant us a clear vision

as we seek to know and understand

Your presence in our lives.


As You call our lives

to bring blessings on others,

may we Your Church shine

as a beacon of justice and right relationships.

Part of a national church

and part of a worldwide network of churches,

may we set aside our own desires

so that we might better reflect

Your loving nature.


When the world around us

could so easily have us lock our doors

and hide away,

may You increase our faith

so that our fears subside

and we become generous.

Enable us to surprise ourselves

as we befriend strangers

and find a new respect

for those who live differently to us.


At time when we feel broken

by the burden of our sorrow and pain,

or by the burdens of societies ills,

may we be lifted from our weaknesses.


Loving God,

warm our hearts.

Make us compassionate

as we remember those who are ill

and pray that they may be aware

of the comfort of Your presence.

We remember those who grieve,

and pray for the people of South Africa

as they mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela.

We remember governments and world leaders

that they might work for equity of rights for all people.

We pray for Christ in our world,

preparing the path

that leads to Your heavenly presence.



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