Sunday 15th December 2013 – Advent (3)

Creator God,

In the parched wilderness of life

You are the renewing, redemptive source

that brings life and light.

Into the stark, washed out horizon

Your brushstroke places

fresh colours and vibrant movement

as the splendour of Your care

is displayed for all to see.

Strengthening those who have been weakened;

steadying those who stumble;

sheltering those who are afraid;

Your presence offers hope

that in the dark, cold loneliness

of the shadows,

offers a beacon to the present

and future spent with You.


We turn our face to You

and remember those times

when our ears have not heard Your promises

or have not heard the cries in need;

when we have not sung with joy of You

or sung in celebration of another’s success.

Forgive us

when we wander from the path

You have laid before us

and gone in search of our own desires;

when we have become like wild animals

chewing on the gossip

of another’s life.


Lord of Creation,

at work in all life,

You call us to walk

Your Holy Path,

and journey in the forgiveness

of Your love.


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