Sunday 22nd December 2013 – Advent 4A (5)

Lord of the highest heights

and the deepest depths,

who offers signs of Your presence

in the times and opportunities

we take for granted,

we thank You for Your presence with us.

In these last few days of Advent

as our preparations for what is come

begin to ease

and we take time concentrate

on all your story means

in the world in which we live.


We pray for those

whose lives are different from our own-

for those for whom a home

is five sheets of corrugated iron,

or a square of wood nailed together,

or some cardboard and the clothes in which they sleep.

As we long for changes in their circumstances

we may we also be willing to learn from

the simplicity of a existence

that does not measure worth

in property and belongings.


We pray for those

whose voices prepare the way for change.

We remember missionaries and religious communities

that tell Your story

across the globe,

finding new ways

to tell what is familiar and safe to us.

We pray for visionaries

who have found the challenge of Your Gospel message

and vociferously declare alternatives

to the comfortable status quo.


We pray for new parents,

whose world is different

with a new life making demands of them.

And we pray for travellers

in the journeys they make,

and for the safety of the camps in which they stay.


We pray for Governments and world leaders

that as they seek opinions for populations

they might open their ears

and in the action of government

bring about an equitable society

where all feel valued

and are offered opportunities

that reflect their gifts.


God who is with us,

we await

the possibility

of all You will bring to birth in our lives

through Jesus Christ.




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