Sunday 12th January 2014 – Epiphany 1 (3)

Glorious Lord,

the refreshing Spirit of life

washes over creation

with the flow and power

of the surging river and sea

and the burble of brook.

In the infancy of faith,

the bubbling waters

of other’s knowledge of You

inspires and instills

a sense of inquisitiveness and searching

that lead further into knowing and understanding

the presence of You in our lives.

In the maturity of faith,

the waves of certainty and doubt

can at times crash over

who we understand You to be

as we deal with the ever changing scenery

of life and death,

of loss and growth.

Your Spirit surges within our hearts and imagination

when our confidence is high,

and at times of weakness and frailty,

she steadily trickles Your love

into the emptiness of the moment.

Awash with Your grace

we place ourselves into Your hands.


Though You might seek to refresh us,

Loving God,

we cannot ignore the dry and dusty areas of our lives

that we hide away

from the pouring of Your Spirit

in case we find ourselves transformed.

Forgive us for our long held prejudices and resentments.

Forgive us when we put ourselves before others.

Forgive us when we fail to affirm others.

Forgive us when we hide from Your call to us.


Lord of life,

washing away the hurts and divisions of our lives,

You make us humble of heart and mind.

In Your presence we are forgiven

and Your voice offers the assurance

of Your love of us shown in Christ.



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