Sunday 12th January 2014 – Epiphany 1 (5)

Heavily based upon a prayer from David Adam’s “Clouds and Glory”, but adapted to suit own space and context.


Holy Father,

who at the baptism of Your beloved Son,

revealed his glory,

grant us a glimpse of that glory in our loves;

that we may be ever immersed in Your presence.


We give thanks for our baptism,

Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier.

We give thanks for those who brought us to faith,

who inspired us by word and example.

We pray for the outreach of the church,

for all who search for an understanding of faith,

and whose ears are to be opened to the Gospel.

We pray for preachers, for prophets,

for all who reveal Your presence.


We pray for all who are involved in providing for our needs.

We pray for farmers and fishermen,

for providers of food and security.

We pray for the police and emergency services,

who offer us care and protection.


We remember before the day of our own baptisms,

and all those who were part of the seed of faith

placed within our hearts –

from parents and those they named as godparents.

We pray for all those whose baptisms

we have witnessed,

and pray for this place of baptism.

We pray for the congregations in which we grew to faith

and for those who live around the river Jordan.



we remember all who have lost vision or hope.

We pray for the despairing of our world;

for those who feel lonely or rejected.

We pray for unwanted children,

and the ignored of world communities.

May all know the warmth of Your desire and care for them,

and find a place of hope and love.


We remember those who are in trouble or unwell.

We pray for the faithful who have departed this life,

and those who miss their presence.

May You dwell in us,

and in that knowledge

may we rejoice in the fullness

of the lives we lead

in Christ’s name.



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