Sunday 19th January 2014 – Epiphany 2A (5)

Lord our God,

You call to the very heart of our lives

with a purpose for each of us:

may we find our ears open to Your call,

our hearts open to Your love,

and our minds open to Your purpose.

May our lives respond in thanksgiving

to Your presence with us,

as we give ourselves into Your service.


Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

we give thanks for our calling of us.

For in calling us,

You have built a relationship with and around us,

shaped by love,

and encouraging us to serve,

Help us to live as those

worthy of Your call.


This morning we pray for those

who have heard Your invitation

to “Come and see”.

In this early part of a new year,

we remember those

who are seeking something new for their lives,

and have ventured into places of faith

in hope of discovering something new about themselves

and about Your presence in the world.

We pray for those who are thinking about becoming part

of a church or faith community.

We remember those

whose call is to become more involved

within their church community,

and hope that they find that their talent and skill is welcome.

We pray for those who find the invitation

to come and see,

taking them from their church community

out into the world

where they might help those

who are in need of God’s love and support.


Lord as we come to see the world in Your name,

we look with compassion upon our world.

Open our eyes to look beyond the familiar and safe,

and open our hearts and minds

that with imagination we may discover new ways

of reaching into the world.


We pray for those affected

by the death of Mikaeel Kular,

for the strength of community that gathered together to search

and that now shares the pain of loss.

We give thanks for the compassion You encourage

as we struggle with understanding.



help us to accept Your invitation

to come and see Your love in action,

as it works to build a community

where all are valued and respected;

where leaders of our nations and communities

are disturbed and questioned

when they fail to bring about a better world for all;

where those who teach

inspire the imaginations

of young and old.

Help us to live as those

who have seen Christ’s world,

and are courageous enough

to accept the change it invites.



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