Sunday 26th January 2014 – Epiphany 3A (3)

Lord of light,

Into the shadows and darkness of chaos

Your voice calls,

inviting Your creation

to know the Creator.

In the midst of darkness and death,

You offer comfort and hope,

so that the light of the future

may lead us towards Your kingdom.

In Your embrace

we find that we are not abandoned,

but instead embraced and loved.

With power and authority

You chase away the challenge

to our peace and stability,

and then with gentleness and warmth

assure us of Your enduring love.


Wonderful Counsellor,

may we listen to Your wise words

and take heed of Your example.

For we admit that while we long to be bearers of Your light,

at times we take ourselves

to the dark places of our hurt and anger

and lash out

at those who are caught in our grasp.

Hear us as we remember the harsh words,

spoken, written or thought;

hear us when we have no patience

for those we share our lives with;

and hold us

when we have to bear

the blows of pain

inflicted by another’s situation.

Hear us and forgive us.




Prince of peace, Everlasting Father,

there is no end to Your love and grace,

as it call us to justice

and upholds us in the assurance of forgiveness.

May we be encourage by Your zeal

for humanity

to know Your present in all of life,

through Jesus Christ.



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