Sunday 26th January 2014 – Epiphany 3A (5)

Lord God,

who calls to us

across the stirring waters of life,

we praise You for the light

You have cast into our experiences.

We thank You

for leading us from our doubt

to placing our trust in Your;

for the experience we have gained

from sharing work and fellowship with others.

May all we undertake to do in Your name,

give voice to Christ’s presence.


Lord of light,

we praise You for those in who

we have encountered the Gospel.

we thank You for Sunday School teachers and Youth group leaders.

We thank You for the receptionist

and the checkout operator.

We thank You for the fellow bus passenger,

and the passer-by on the pavement.

In every encounter with others

may we find Christ in our midst,

bringing light to conversations and cares.


Shine into the dark places of our world.

On this first Sunday in Homelessness Week,

may we remember those

who find themselves in the darkest places of their lives.

We pray for rough sleepers,

who face dirty and dangerous conditions;

for parents, children and old people

who are deprived of basic needs

because of no safe place to live.


Lord in your mercy



In hope

we pray for changes to government polices

so that all may know the safety

of a home.

We pray for changes to knowledge

so that those who live differently

are no longer demonised or dismissed,

but instead noticed as vulnerable

and in need of help.


Lord in Your mercy



Lord of light,

we give thanks for those who have brought light to our lives:

for family and friends,

and the communities of which we are part.

May the light of Your love

seep from our lives

and touch those in need.

We pray for the unemployed and the redundant;

for the world’s poor and the hungry;

for all who live in anguish.


Lord in Your mercy



We rejoice with those

who now behold Your face in glory

and know the fullness of Your love.

May their faith mark our lives

and draw us closer to You

in Christ’s name.



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