Sunday 23rd February 2014 – Epiphany 7A (3)

Lord of wisdom,

Moulding hearts and minds with Your love

You shape human life

to fill its emptiness

with the nourishment of Your words.

Within Scripture and in the stories of faithful lives,

the promises of time

well spent in the embrace of God

are preserved.

For You long for us to be holy

as You are holy.

Your law is to be delighted in,

for it is not a burden

but a pathway

to the freedom of Your grace.


Yet we find the notion of “holiness” a burden.

We struggle to be perfect,

as we fail to grasp how to live

as though we belong to the Lord alone.

We use law to beat others down

when we feel wronged.

We wallow in disgrace

as we mark our days

with how we have failed You.

Help us to look beyond our sins

to greet the breadth of Your forgiveness.




Unfailing in Your love,

You welcome us as Your people.

Enable us to live as those

who know they belong to You

and through Your love are made perfect

in the lives we lead in Christ’s name.


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