Sunday 23rd February 2014 – Epiphany 7A (5)

Perfect Lord,

filling us with the Holy Spirit,

You make us a temple of belonging.

In Your presence

we are assured that we are Yours,

and that You listen to our prayers

as the continuing work of creation unfolds.


May we Your church make our solid foundation

on the knowledge and understanding we have of You.

With the wisdom of Your guiding Spirit

may our lives build upon

all that has inspired us to follow You.


Make us bold in our relationships with other people,

so that our responses

may offer signs of Your Kingdom breaking into life

in unexpected ways.

Where we see signs of poverty,

encourage us to give generously,

and to love actively

as we seek justice for those who are marginalised

by their communities or their governments.


We pray for those who are persecuted

because of their beliefs, their colour, their gender, or their occupation.

May those who lead the communities of our world,

who hold power and authority,

break through the barrier of evil and oppression.

We remember this morning the people of Kiev and the Ukraine.

We think of families of who have lost loved ones;

people who have been witness to unnecessary death;

and we pray for justice and the ending of violence.

We pray for hope in a difficult situation.


At times our church communities

can seem to be at odds with the communities of which we are part.

The rapidly changing values of the world

can leave us floundering

to discern Your path and Your knowledge

as we translate the language of Good News

to present circumstances.

Inspire us as we hold fast to those values

that mark us as those who seek to serve the world in Your name,

and make us courageous as we venture

into changing circumstances that ask us to reinterpret our understanding of You.


We pray for our neighbours –

for those with whom we argue

that we might be willing to listen and sometimes accept that we are wrong;

for those who struggle to make ends meet;

for those who who are ignored by government policy and social care;

for those who need care and compassion

as they live with ill health, loneliness or grief.


God of all good things,

may our lives reflect

the love You have placed within the heart of us

that invites all to step our boldly in Your name

and in humility speak of Your justice and grace

in action in all life.




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