Sunday 2nd March 2014 – Transfiguration (3)

Dazzling Light,

capturing creation’s attention

with the vivid colours of your presence

You transform the dull spaces

and the dark corners of the world

so that they shine with Your glory.

Conversations come alive

when encouraged by Your bright spirit

bold steps are taken

to offer friendship and encouragement.

Loneliness is cast aside

as the potential of participating in relationships

of compassion and trust

are offered within Your vibrant community.

With Your grace

poured into all of life,

the wonder of possibility

casts a rainbow over all

that had been thought abandoned or lost.


Finding us hiding our faces,

our cooried into corners,

Lord of light,

You shine into all that we seek to hid from You.

Remembering the dark moments

of the journey to this morning,

there are times and emotions

that are tinged with the greys and blacks

of doom and anger

that we would not wish You to see.

Yet with flickering interest

You open up each chapter

of our disappointment;

the angry words,

the resentful thoughts;

and the blissful ignorance.

Then leading our thoughts,

You offer us a new way to live in Your presence.




Transforming Lord,

forgiven by Your

we are transformed beyond our recognition.

You invite us to walk in Your colour and light

and to carry this moment of change

into the lives of others,

that they might meet Your live

in Christ’s presence within us.



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