Sunday 23rd March 2014 – Lent 3A – Full Set

Call to Worship

Come let us sing with joy to the Lord,

and shout aloud of the hope of salvation.

Come in music and song,

and offer thanksgiving.

For the Lord is good,

and in His hands is all creation.

From mud and clay

he shapes the land, mountain and hills,

pulling the shores from the depths of the seas.


Come let us worship and bow down,

for the Lord is our maker,

and in His hands is our eternal care.



Opening Prayer

Water of Life,

calm and still,

amidst and around,

You offer a place to bathe and reflect,

to soak in all that refreshes and revives

and encourages new life and growth.

In the torrents of rain and storm,

You flood forth Your love,

and at times can seek to bring abut transformation

in challenging ways.

In all of creation

You quench the thirst of the tickley throat

or the dried up root,

and bring clarity of thought to bear

and new vigour in the fruits that grow.


Lord of Creation,

at times we dwell within the waters of chaos.

We allow work and obligation

to overwhelm all our activity;

or we are weighed down

by the expectations of ourselves and others.

Sometimes we create storms within the lives of others

as we exert our opinion and ideals

upon all they hope to do.

May You encourage us to stop,

and share a time of stillness

in conversation and shared humanity.

May Your refreshing waters seep within our skin

that with our thirst quenched by You

we may better serve You.




Companion at the well,

You have stopped us in our steps

to engage us in conversation

and meet us for who we are.

Help us to treasure who You have made us

and grow further into Christ’s image.



Offertory Prayer

Ever-generous God,

signs of Your presence

burst into our lives in many ways,

as You soak the dry places of our lives

with Your love.

Refreshed by You,

we seek to serve You

in whatever way You call.

Here we thank You

for all that we have been given

that has inspired our lives,

and in our thanksgiving

we give from our time,

our talent

and the fruit of our labour.



Prayers of the People

Living God,

Throughout time water has been a fascinating resource.

It is something that we are thankful for

when the earth is dry and dusty,

and when we ourselves are thirsty.

When it pours from the heavens

in a seemingly endless flow

we can be frustrated and anger

because of all the damage it can cause

and the hardship and harm that it can bring to life.


We thank you for water,

for the beauty of the running stream,

the refreshing rain,

the growth it brings.

We thank You for the wonder of our land

because of the climate.

Help us always to appreciate

the greenness of the grass,

the pinks and purples of heather,

the yellows of a sun-caught heath.

Encourage us to take pleasure

in resting time,

when wind and storm can push us inside.


And from our lush land,

we remember those whose lives are challenged

by too little water,

and remember that at times we have played our part

in the changing texture of our world.

We think of those places

where water is polluted or a limited resource.

Help us to live responsibly

and recognise the little changes we can make

to our own lives

that ensure that Your creation

remains a place of wonder for all.


Life-giving Lord:

Quench the thirst of creation


There are those who see refreshment in their relationships:

people broken because of treatment at the hand of another,

children who live without the knowledge of kindness or love,

man and women who are another’s commodity rather than s companion.

Enable us in small ways

to speak about injustice and offer compassion,

that the bigger landscape of our world

might be flooded with the knowledge of You love.


Life-giving Lord:

Quench the thirst of creation


We pray for the deserts created by economics,

and remember those

who find the practices of governments

a challenge to their energies.

We long for fairer systems

where all people know that they are valuable,

and where having enough is prized high

than having it all.


Life-giving Lord:

Quench the thirst of creation


Creator God,

who pours living water into all of life,

may we know Christ’s presence in all.






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