Sunday 30th March 2014 – Lent 4A/Mothering Sunday (3)

Lord of vision,
It is with light and colour
that You demonstrate the breadth of Your love.
It is with care and hospitality
that You meet creation,
as You encourage new life to grow.
Amongst our dry and dusty thoughts,
You are watering and feeding
so that fresh ideas and opportunities
can meet with the needs and talents
of the world around.
Opening our eyes
You offer new images of how our world is meant to be
when You remember
that You are Lord of all that is created.

Forgive us Lord,
for not allowing ourselves
to see the world through Your eyes,
and instead seeing all that surrounds us
through the opinions of others.
We remember those times
when we have thought that appearance mattered,
and judged others because of how they looked.
Help us to forgive those
who have chosen to ignore us
because we did not fit with their expectations.
May we learn
to look with Christ’s eyes
and see the wonder that You have created
in another person
and in the world around.


Guiding presence of our lives,
You are with us at all times,
restoring our brokenness
with the unfailing assurance of Your love.
Through Christ we discover the constancy of Your forgiveness.


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