Sunday 6th April 2014 – Lent 5C (3)

Life-giving Spirit of God,

sweeping amidst the dust of the earth,

You shape and mould

creating the hills and valleys,

encouraging the green shoots to grow

and the vibrant colour of blossom to blaze.

Breathing into the dull and lifeless

You bring fresh energies

to long held plans and ideals

that have awaited Your encouragement.

Blowing away the cobwebs

of “can’t do” and “its impossible”,

You are the vigour

that kick starts

the risk of living as Your people.


Kyrie Eleison


Collapsed in a heap of disbelief

is often our preferred position

when the wind of Your Spirit begins to blow

around our thoughts.

Why would you choose us?

Who are we?

Forgive us when we do not trust Your encouragement of us.

Help us to look beyond our own misgivings

and disbelief in the talents You have stored within us.

Enable us to meet Your forgiveness

and to let ago of the hurts we have caused others,

and the hurts that have lingered

and held us back

from the fullness of serving You.


Kyrie Eleison


Lord of Life,

You take a risk in loving us,

for You accept us with the flaws we bear.

In knowing Your forgiveness

may we find

the freshness of Your Spirit

dancing amidst all the possibilities

of each day spent with You.



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