Sunday 6th April 2014 – Lent 5C (5)

Spirit of God,

who dance in our lives

like the wind that sweeps across

the fields and hills,

we thank You for the invigorating nature of Your presence

as it enlivens us to be Your people.

We praise You for all those

who have allowed Your breath

to steer their lives,

and as they have served You

offered signs of Christ alive

within all they do.


Breath of God,

we pray for those whose lives seem empty and lost.

For people who feel that

they only have the bare bones

of the resources that they need

to make it to the dawning of each new day.


We pray for those

who today will know what it means to be hungry and thirsty;

for those who will not know a safe home,

a warm bed,

a place to shelter form the storm.

Breath of God sweep amongst creation,

and bring forth fresh possibilities

to help and offer hope.


We pray for those

who are who feel their lives are without hope,

because they have lost their job,

or they cannot see their way out of debt,

or they are stuck on a treadmill of existence.

Breath of God,

sweep around the bones of empty lives,

and offer signs of potential and growth.


We pray for those

who feel let down by others.

People whose relationships have been torn apart

by lies and deception.

Those who feel pushed to one side

because they do not fit the mould

of husband and wife,

or family.

Breath of God,

sweep away our preconceived notions of how people should live,

and allow us to build the relationships You invite

where people are treated with equity

and all are considered valuable.




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