Sunday 13th April 2014 – Palm/Passion Sunday A (5)

Lord of humility,

Being part of the crowd on Palm Sunday

is full of cheering and celebration.

It reminds us of bathing in the joy

of family gatherings and community events.

Crowds are often full of fun and cheerful conversation,

from the excitement of a concert or parade

to the time spent sharing stories

with those we haven’t seen for years.


Yet cheering crowds

can also be jeering crowds

and as we wander through the anguish, anger, hurt and guilt

of Your journey to the cross,

we take time to remember

the people and situations

where crowds are not always full of friends,

but instead hostile and uncomfortable.


We pray for those who are the casualties of war:

for those who do not understand the anger of the crowd

and the marching feet of soldiers;

for men and women who wait at home

uncertain if a loved one will return;

for children who will not know their parents;

for towns torn apart

by political divide.

Beyond the fear of the present time,

may they know Your peace in their lives.


We pray for those who are in prison:

for those who listened to the voices of the crowd

and found themselves in unanticipated situations;

for those who did not follow the crowd

and stand in opposition to the views

of their communities and governments.

Behind the walls and doors that trap them,

may they know Your justice seeking the best for all.


We pray for those who feel that they are watching

the crowds enjoy life,

while they stand and watch but cannot take part.:

for those who are bereaved

and feel that no-one understands;

for the sick and the housebound

who find their circumstances separate them from others.

for the homeless

who long for a place of shelter.

Remove the shells they have created

so that all may know

the love and security You offer.



may our prayers be more that words,

but a reminder of Your invitation

to walk with Your crowd

and touch the lives of other in Your name.




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