Sunday 20th April 2014 – Easter A (4)

In town and cities across this world,

this morning has been full of “Alleluias”

as people of all ages

have voiced their praise of You,

God of Easter.

These praises are for the surprise

of knowing You

as You free Yourself

from all we tie You to.


For while we see You as the God of our families,

You roll away the stone of boundary

and show us the family beyond our homes.

The unnamed men and women

who will cross our paths,

and with whom You invite us to engage.

We thank You

that Your family extends

to a worldly family,

where different cultures and practices

throw open the possibilities

of what we may learn about You.


Risen Christ



As a new day dawns and a new week lies ahead

we praise You

for the potential that awaits,

the new directions our study, work and leisure time

may offer us.

The goodness

that we experience

in the fulfilment of our desires and ambitions.


But on this holy day,

full of joy,

we are also drawn to the emptiness of Your tomb

and think about those

whose lives

seem empty

as they cannot see the seed of love and life

You have placed within them.


Risen Christ



We pray for those who praise You

in the midst of the turmoil of their world.

Those who have not made it to Your Garden of new life

because they remain caught in the moment

of Your loss from their lives.

We think of those who live with the fear of war,

the loneliness of bereavement,

and the anxiety of ill health.

May they call Your name

and meet You

in the midst of their tears

offering them hope and comfort

that all is not lost.


Risen Christ






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