Sunday 27th April 2014 – Easter 2A (5)

Lord God, our Father,

we bless and praise You,

for the mercy You have shown

by offering new life and new hope

in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

You offer an inheritance

that is unfading in its promise

of Your presence in our lives.


We give thanks for all who,

though they have not seen,

have placed their trust in You.

In a world where doubt prevails,

we remember the fears of an Upper Room

that were cast aside by Your presence.

As we encounter Your presence

help us to trust Your risen power

as it shows signs of hope

to the world in which we live.


We pray for those who face persecution

because of their faith.

Enable them to be bold in all they say,

as they are challenged

by the doubts and inconsistencies of others.

We remember those whose faith is shown

in the care they offer,

and remember the work of agencies like

the Red Cross and Christian Aid

who seek to bring Your presence

to the lives of others

in the new life and peace

that they bring to troubled areas.


We pray for those who doubt Your presence

because of the circumstances of their lives,

as all they have known is lost

because of poverty or warfare,

or at the hand and greed of others.

We remember the people of the Ukraine,

who have questions of all governments taking an interest in their situation.

May your presence

bring words of peace and hope

to the lives of those who live in the town,

and to the voices of those

who seek to hold the power.


We pray for those who hide away

because of guilt and fear,

and who are afraid to venture our

lest they be harmed or cause harm.

May Your presence

bring healing from past hurts,

old wounds,

and continuing illness.


Lord, wherever doubt seeks to invade,

may Your love be revealed

in the life of the world

and Your presence in our lives.



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