Sunday 4th May 2014 – Easter 3A (3)

Journeying Spirit,

who dances along the pathway

casting light and shade.

Light to guide the way,

shade to shield from the cruelty of sun and wind.

You are the accompanying stranger

on the walk to new hope and transformation.

In the conversation that You share,

in the evidence You pour over,

You revisit past moments of life

where Your presence has been overwhelming.

Retelling stories of Scripture,

remembering shared knowledge of Your presence,

You reveal Yourself to be

in the middle of the anguish and the pain,

as well as in the joy and celebration.


Knowing that You meet us where we are

how surprising we find it when

You step out of the dark moments of our lives

so that we may meet You

as the light and inspiration of the moment.


In those moments

when we enjoy praise

and are overwhelmed with pride

it is You that steps out of the darkness

and shines the light on those with whom we share our life.

When we are the ones who destroy or harm

the respect of another,

the work of the world,

the life of our community

may You inspire us to a bigger vision

of Your kingdom in our world.


Whenever bread is broken,

may we meet Your forgiveness

as it feeds that hunger of our emptiness

and inspires us to each out to others.



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