Sunday 1st June 2014 – Easter 7A (5)

Risen and ascended Lord,

You have not weighed us down

with the weight of life’s losses,

but have instead lifted us to new life,

that reveals Your glory

in the wonder of our world.

Risen in our midst,

we thank You for the new opportunities

that have touched our lives;

for friendships

that have reminded us

that we belong to You;

for the burst of inspired thought

that has taken us in a new direction.


Risen and ascended Lord,

as Your church

we raise our eyes heavenwards

so that we might catch sight of You

in all that surrounds us.

When we lose our focus on the mission

of living as Your loving presence,

may Your Spirit lift our thoughts

from the selfish need for survival

so that we might better reveal Your glory

in the service of our community and world.


Risen and ascended Lord,

raise the aspirations of governments and world leaders

as they seek the best for the communities

for whom they care.

As new members of the European parliament take on their new roles,

may they be encouraged

to take heart from the similarities that unite

and listen for common ground in disagreement.


Risen and ascended Lord,

we pray for the downtrodden of our world.

We pray for places in our world

where class, faith, gender and caste divide.

We pray for the families

of the two girls raped and murdered in India,

that they may find comfort and hope

in the midst of their loss;

and we pray for the perpetrators

as they live with the consequences of their actions.

We pray for Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan,

and long for the news of her release to be true.

May we be inspired by the courage and strength that she has shown

as she places her trust in You.


Risen and ascended Lord,

we pray for those laid low

by their circumstances:

the bereaved and bereft;

those who are ill;

those who find life a struggle.


Risen and ascended Lord,

we rejoice with those You have welcomed

to Your side,

and while our eyes might follow them to heaven,

let us live by the example of faith they have shown

and give You glory in the lives we lead.



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