Sunday 8th June 2014 – Pentecost A (3)

Spirit of God,

who has fed us at this table,

we praise You for all that will nourish us

in life and faith.

May Your burning presence in our lives

bring forth fruits of love, joy and peace

as we worship Christ

with the activity of our lives.


Spirit of enthusiasm,

fill us with the desire for God

that transforms hearts and minds.

Bind us together in You love,

that in all we undertake

the world might see and believe

Your burning presence.


Spirit of freedom,

cast aside the fears that limit us

from fully living as Your people

and encourage us to be bold

in our decisions.

Free us from the guilt, anxiety and despair,

and instead inspire communities

with the possibility

of what could be

when we accept each other

for the gifts You have given us.


Spirit of power,

overturn the values

of putting ourselves first

and believing that we need to be in control.

May those who hold the power

be willing

to hear the voices of challenge and change

and respond in creative ways

that allow all people to know that they are of worth.


Spirit of Comfort,

we remember those who are ill or sad,

and trust that You will soothe and strengthen.

In the hope You offer,

may tears turn to laughter

and may new songs be sung

that offer visions of Your kingdom.




Sunday 8th June 2014 – Pentecost A (2)

Spirit of God,

whose burning presence

has the power to scar or recreate,

we come in awe

to stand in the presence of God.

In Your wisdom

You are making all things new,

at times scorching away

at the barriers created by humanity

of gender, colour, creed and language;

at times the burning ember of faith

that entices interest

in the warmth that lies within

and offers security and hope

in the darkest bleakest thoughts.

Your creative power

is seen in the changing days and seasons,

and the small steps made

in journeying faith.

Your welcome is glorious

for it warms within,

even when the outward situation can feel uncomfortable

for You offer enticement

to sit and stay awhile and learn.


Lord of wisdom,

forgive us the barriers

we place between others,

and instead encourage us to embrace

all that is different

that we might learn a little more.

Forgive us our apathy and indifference

when we think we know everything

there is not know,

and do not step into the unknown

to discover a little more of You.

Forgive us for our judgement,

for thinking that our experience

is the only valid one,

and not seeking to understand

the circumstances that lead to a different perspective.


Wild and fiery God,

Your Spirit brings not just a challenge to the way things are

but the assurance of Your peace and presence.

May we live in Your forgiveness

and discover we are made new.


Sunday 8th June – Pentecost A

The Lord has done many things

in His wisdom.

An earth full of creatures,

great and small.

The seas,

vast and spacious.


Creation comes and goes,

as the Lord sets the rhythm

with tides and time,

and yet allows for freedom and frolics.


May we glory in the Lord,

who meets the needs

of our stomachs, hearts and thoughts.

May we rejoice in the Lord,

who breathes within and around creation,

bringing new life,

flourishing and bold.

May we sing our praise of Him

who looks beyond our failings

to meet Christ within us all.


Let us rejoice and be glad,

and praise the Lord.