Sunday 3rd August 2014 – Pentecost 8A

This week you will find below a Call to Worship, an Opening Prayer (Approach, Confession and Supplication) and an Offertory Prayer.


Call to Worship

The Lord’s open hands

welcome all.

Lifting those who are weighed down

with cares of their own,

and worries for the world,

the Lord offers satisfaction

that meets

the emptiness

of human need.


Rich in love,

the Lord reaches out with compassion

to all that has been made.

Faithful to the promises made with creation,

the Lord

hears the cries of those in need of rescue,

and in love watches over them.


In songs of praise,

in words spoken and unsaid

let us praise the Lord’s holy name,

and the abundance of His grace.


Let us worship God.


Opening Prayer

Thirsty and hungry,

the crowds gather round You,

Abundant Creator.

For You are the life-giving water

that quenches

the deepest thirst for knowledge of You.

You are the nourishing bread

that satisfies

the hunger for compassion.

These gifts You offer

come without cost

to those who need,

as instead they assure

of the promises You have made

with those

who seek to follow.

Your invitation

to settle at Your feast

gives voice

to the splendour and abundance of Your love.


At times we have come hungrily

to feed on Your word and love,

ignoring the needs of those around us.

Our ears have been closed

to the cries of the hungry,

the weeping of the mournful,

the sighs of the lonely,

and the pain of the wounded.

When the pictures of others hurt and injustice

flash before our eyes

it is difficult to ignore

that we have not voiced our concern

or offered needed care,

and for our ignorance

we seek forgiveness.

In the restoration of our lives

may we offer signs of Your compassion

and grace.




Gracious and compassionate Lord,

rich in Your love

You draw all to Your presence,

and in all life offer signs of Your promises.

In Christ’s life,

You offer forgiveness

and send us out to serve.



Offertory Prayer

God of abundance,

who feeds the hungry

and quenches thirst,

what we offer form our lives

so often seems so little

when we look at the world around.

Yet You take the little we offer

and invite us to see

that wonder of Your works

as new life sprouts in forgotten deserts,

and the love of Christ

reaches out to those in need

of compassion and justice.



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