Sunday 17th August 2014 – Pentecost 10A

All prayers from me this week.   A Call to Worship; Prayer of Approach, Confession and Supplication; Offertory Prayer; and Prayers of the People.


Call to Worship

Come praise the Lord

for His graciousness

and the light He shines upon all life.

Come praise the Lord

as His presence touches the earth

and leads us to salvation.

Sing songs of joy

because the Lord is just

and guides the leaders of the earth

into right action.

Praise the Lord

as the earth yields her harvest

and offers the Lord’s blessing

in all life.

Come praise the Lord.



Opening Prayer

Lord of all creation,

in the day and in the night

Your love and grace

pour forth in equity

on all that You have made.

In equal measure

You seek to bring justice,

and in human hearts

You are tearing at the walls of division

that we create

so that all might gather together

to worship Your Holy Name.

You who love male and female,

friend and stranger,

offer reminders of the uniqueness of each individual

and the purpose they share

as they encounter the story of Christ –

for each person, each gift

finds its place and completion in Your presence.

It is our desire to be unique

that can keep us from our respect of others,


Challenging Lord.

We are quick to judge the others,

and slow to change our opinions.

We allow our voices to power over others,

rather than listen

to the other point of view.

We seek Your forgiveness

for the crumbs of our gifts that we offer,

rather than allowing our faith, life and worship

to overflow with all that You have bestowed within us.

In Your forgiveness

may we be moved to heal the wounds we have caused,

and allow the glory of Your presence to shine in our lives.




Merciful God,

even when our faith is lacking

You call us forth to serve You

with every gift that You have placed in our lives.




Offertory Prayer

We praise you, all-embracing God

for the diversity

of our gifts and talents.

In the offering we make this day

from our lives and of ourselves

may we sense Your invitation

to serve You in new and old ways

that allow others

to sense the presence of Christ in their lives.




Prayers of the People

Creator God

we praise You for the wonder and fullness of our lives.

Each of our days

is full of opportunity

as we encounter other people,

take advantage of technology

or enjoy the peace and calm

of the world around us.

With thanksgiving

may we take note and celebrate

all each day brings.


In living with a spirit of thankfulness

may we discover

the crumbs of life

that others find their daily existence.

Help us to more aware of the needs

of our community

and the wider world,

rather than to indulge our selfishness and extravagance.


Lord, we pray for those

for whom crumbs will be this days meal.

We remember those who have been displaced

by the unrest within their lands,

and we think of those whose crops have failed

or not as successful as they hoped.

In recent days

our thoughts will have been with the displaced if Iraq

and the confined of Palestine.

As these stories reach our hearts,

may they also challenge our imaginations

to work in Your name

for justice to reign.


Lord in Your mercy



We pray for those

who are harshly judged

or who experience prejudice.

Young and old, male and female at times

find that they do not fit the preconceived notions

of individuals, groups and companies.

Discrimination of race, colour or creed is not just the pattern

of some far off land,

but is experienced by those

we know or meet.

May we learn to value

the gifts and talents

that others may bring to our lives

rather than noticing what makes another different.


Lord in Your mercy



We pray for those

who feel alone in their situations,

whether they be bereaved, unwell, or uncertain of work.

We remember those whose mental health

marks them as different,

that in they might find peace

from all that disturbs them

and that we might offer hope

in the love and care we share.


Lord in Your mercy




who makes a space at His table for all,

we thank You for those who in death now sit

and feast in Your love,

and through whom

You have spoken of Christ’s love.

May our lives reflect the breadth of Your nature

that others may be embraced by Your Spirit.



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