Sunday 24th August 2014 – Pentecost 11A

This week an Offertory Prayer and Prayers of the People

Offertory Prayer

Transforming Lord,

in word, healing and forgiveness,

Your love moves what is known of You

from collected knowledge

to heartfelt action, conversation and compassion.

May what we give

in time and talent

reveal Your presence in our lives

bringing renewal to those

who long for change.



Prayers of the People

God of strength and hope,

we build the foundation of our faith

upon our understanding

of Your love revealed in the Gospel

and in the lives of others.

We praise You for the certainty

that we have encountered

in those

who have spoken of Your presence

or revealed You

in their compassion and struggle for justice.

While uncertainty can shake our foundations,

we thank You for the reassurance

of Your leadership

that moves from what is not possible,

to the little actions that make a difference.


Giving our bodies, minds and souls to You,

we bring the differences

of who we are and our abilities,

that in Your love

they might be united

to offer new ways to reveal

the presence of God

in all life.

We praise You for our diversity,

for within this congregation

you create moments of discourse

that lead to new understandings

as we review politics and social engagement.

We praise You for the diversity of denomination,

each congregation

telling something different,

old and new,

of the breadth, height and depth

of who You are.

Lead us to a unity

where we learn to appreciate our diversity,

and bring glory to Your name.


Living God,

This world You created

is diverse in talent and ability

and yet some feel undervalued

for what they bring to life.

Help us to appreciate the gifts of others,

so that all may find a way in which to serve.

We pray for those who have found their place in life,

who enjoy the work they do,

for those excited with new qualifications

that will take them onto new courses

or new places of work.

We remember those who find their work dull and routine,

those seeking work, or their place in the world,

and those facing redundancy.


We take for granted

the foundations of education, health and food sustenance,

rocks on which we grow

both physically and in knowledge.

May we in acknowledging all we have

continue to seek ways

for all people

to live in a just and fair world,

where the accepted rights we enjoy

are available to all.


Help us to build peaceful foundations

in the conversations we have.

In urging politicians and governments

to offer leadership,

may our prayers also inspire them

to find common humanity

rather than focus on dividing issues.



who changes our weaknesses

to the strengths of heaven,

as we pray for those who are weak, lost, rejected or betrayed,

may Christ embolden us

to serve as those who have been made whole in His name.



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