Sunday 26th October 2014

This week there is a full set of prayers.   Below is a Call to Worship, Opening Prayer, Offertory Prayer and Prayer of the People.

Call to Worship

Blessed are those

who delight in the Lord

and not in the ways of the world.


Blessed are those

who meditate on the word of the Lord

and ignore the word of hurt and shame.


Blessed are those

who take root

in the living streams of the love of God,

and yield the fruits of justice, mercy and hope.


Let us worship the Lord,

who watches over

the break of day

and the fall of evening;

who guides our fallen feet

to the breaking light of love.


Come let us worship God.



Opening Prayer

God of Holiness,

In Your presence

we worship You

with awe and wonder,

for You are beyond our knowledge and understanding

and yet part and parcel

of our every day experiences.

In commandment and story

You offer words

of inspiration and love

so that life might be lived

with respect and care

of the creation that surrounds.

You show no favouritism,

but in seeking justice for the poor

and mercy for the alien

You declare Your hope

for a world

that celebrates the diversity of life.


Holy Lord,

foolishly we do not always value

our differences,

and instead use them to judge others

or to discriminate.

With angry words

we rebuke others when we do not get our way,

or we seek revenge against those

who have hurt us.

Our lives do not always exhibit

the love of neighbour

that You seek to inspire within us.

As we remember those moments of hurt,

we come with apologies for the division we create.




Lord our God,

in Your forgiveness

You claim us as Your own

and lead us to lives

that speak of You.



Offertory Prayer

Lord of all life,

who makes us gentle and loving,

we offer You the gifts of our hearts:

our longings;

our prayers and creativity,

the thoughts and activity

of our hearts and hands,

and the blessing of our toil.

We give the best of all we are

and all we have

to the service of Jesus

and the activity of the Holy Spirit.



Prayers of the People

God who searches and knows

every part of our being and our lives

we thank You

for Your interest in our lives.

You seek us out

in the depths of our despair

and in the height of celebration

and in those emotions

You lead us to new understanding

of the world

and those around us.

Encouraging us to question and explore,

You give fresh insight

into how Your kingdom might be known

in the midst of all of life .


Lord of love,

in prayer we respond

to the guidance You have offered us in life

and remember that in word and story

You have shown us the path

that allows humanity

to live with respect for each other

and for Your creation.

We pray for the work of the church.

Sunday by Sunday

faithful people and questioning people gather

to worship You

and to listen for the guidance of Your Spirit.

From worship,

may Your church grow in its confidence

in serving You,

that in the activity of serving the communities

in which it is placed,

Your presence might bring light and hope.


We pray for all those who work.

For day time workers,

night workers

and shift workers:

all who at times struggle

to enjoy the tasks that they do.

May work be more than the means to wealth,

but an opportunity to engage more fully

with our neighbour

and to share our wonder in

the diversity with which we are made.


We pray for those who cannot find work:

for those who find the prospect of the benefits office a strain,

those who have been unfairly treated by employers.

Where we see people struggling

or in poverty,

help us to look for new ways to share

the wealth of the world

that all may enjoy the benefits of Your creation.


We pray for our neighbours,

the people we know and those with who we share the earth.

In a world,

where the way we live endangers the livelihood of others,

may we learn Your gentleness of living

that allows Your love to be seen

when justice is done.



Sunday 5th October 2014 – Pentecost 17A

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve prepared much I could post here.   This week my probationer is at a conference, and the worship is my responsibility.   It’s hard going trying to get back in the swing!

Below should be Call to Worship, Opening Prayer, Offertory Prayer and Prayers of the People.

Call to Worship

Let us sing songs to the One we love.

The Lord for whom

all earth

is a fertile vineyard.

Around creation He is at work,

chipping at hearts of stone

so that they choicest gifts

may pour forth into life.

The Lord tears down

the harvests of hate,

the walls of oppression,

the hedges of division.

Instead He prunes and cultivates

the wastelands,

producing fruit

from which all life is nourished

with life and hope.



let us sing songs to the One we love.


Opening Prayer

God Almighty,

Restoring creation with Your radiant light,

You shine into all of life.

At work in the planting of creation,

You clear away

the old entangled roots

that hinder growth

towards Your presence.

You break down the walls and barriers

that prevent

the flowing grace of Your love

reaching into the places

most in need of refreshment.

You watch over

all life,

through the brightness of the day,

through the darkness of the night,

and rise with the morning

to begin again the task

of caring for all You love.


With tender hand and heart

You rebuke us

for turning away from You.

We who do not listen to Your voice

in the heat of our anger;

we who do not call out to You

when we fell lost and abandoned;

we who burn and hurt and destroy with our words.

Forgive us Lord,

for turning our faces from You

and failing to live as You intend.




Gracious God,

In Your kindness to us,

You restore us to Your presence

and shine from our lives

with the activity of Your Spirit

shown in our love of Christ.



Offertory Prayer

Gardener of Life,

In all we are and do,

You are at work

trimming and reshaping

all that does not bear fruit,

and nourishing and encouraging

the lively shoots

that will bear fruit.

In all we give this day,

we give from the fruit

You have inspired to grow

in talent, time and opportunity.

Using what we give,

You will shine on others,

and lead them to new ways

that show Christ at the heart of all life.



Prayers of the People

Lord of all land and life,

we are the vineyard that You tend and prune,

bringing our lives

to bear the fruits

of all You hope for creation.

We praise You

for the many talents and gifts

that surround us this day.

We thank You for those who have shaped and encouraged us

that we might bear the fruit of education

and love,

our parents and relations,

our teachers and lecturers,

those we have worked with.

In the inspiration that others provide for our lives

may we continue to grow

and offer others

the compassion and care You inspire within us.


Lord of Creation,

in our prayers

we remember those

who have the power to shape

or harm this planet.

May politicians and scientists,

farmers and tenants

acts responsibly in the way

that they care for the land,

and seek to sustain all life.


Indwelling God,

You have called us to share this world

with people of different nations,

of different creed and culture,

of variety of colour and ambition.

As we view the world

we think of the differing situations

where anger and resentment

is expressed in the hurting of others.

We pray for the families of Alice Gross

and Paul Henning,

and the hurt and pain they feel

at the loss of their loved ones.

And we pray for those who are the perpetrators,

that while we do not understand the need to harm others,

they will sense Your justice

in the lives they lead.


Source of all life,

stirring at the roots of our broken world,

settling amongst those most in need of sustenance

we remember those

who hope for life renewed, restored and reshaped,.

We pray fro those who have been bereaved,

those who are unwell,

those whose lives are challenging and unsettling.

May they find themselves suffused with Your grace,

and made whole in Your presence.