Sunday 1st November 2014 – Pentecost 21A

This Sunday I’m covering the last part of the service, so an Offertory Prayer and a Prayers of the People

Offertory Prayer

Living God,

You provide for our every need

with abundant grace,

and guide us onto new paths

that allow for talent and gift

to flourish.

In all we give

from our lives work

and from times of rest,

we offer our praise of You

that others may encounter

Your presence in all life.




Prayers of the People

God of the outcast and the stranger,

God of the woman and the child,

God of the saint and the sinner,

Lord of all people,

we worship You with our lives.

Encouraging us with Your word,

and guiding us with Your Holy Spirit,

You lead us to lives

led with integrity

so that Your kingdom may be shown

through our thanksgiving and praise,

our worship and our work.

On this day

of remembering call,

and focussing on holiness,

we pray for the work of Your church.

We remember that the saints of God,

as those who show His love and grace

in their daily activity,

and we thank You for the breadth

of churches and people

that makes this possible.

We remember big churches and little churches.

We remember those for whom

finding the money to survive

is a struggle,

and those for whom

finding the people to play their part

is a burden.

We pray for church communities

finding new ways to be the church

through local projects

that reach out to asylum seekers,

or offer opportunities of employment,

or youth initiatives.

In this week where

the Church of Scotland celebrates

the work of Crossreach,

we pray for those involved in social outreach and support.

We remember those

who live within care homes,

and those who work there.

We remember the variety

of the projects of Crossreach,

as the church reaches out

to children and families and older people,

to the homeless and those with mental health issues,

offers counselling and support,,

and is involved in diverse services

like Criminal Justice and Substance Misuse.

May we celebrate

a church with doors wide open,

and yet continue to seek new ways

in which to engage

with the world beyond our doors.

Remembering that saints

are not always those of political power

or worldly influence,

we pray for those who do hold power and influence

that they may be motivated by a desire to serve people

and value justice, wisdom and compassion.

And we remember the saints of our lives,

those who have influenced us,

or continue to do so.

We thank your for the expressions of faith

that led us to you,

and we ask that we may be show Your light

in the care and compassion we show

to those who are sick or lost or lonely,

and in the wisdom and truth we speak

to those who are seeking

Your presence

shown in Christ.



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