Sunday 30th November 2014 – Advent 1B

This weekend you will find below a Call to Worship and an Opening Prayer.   I’m still getting used to sharing worship with someone else, and it is a real struggle to let go of the prayers not co-ordinating together.   Hopefully these will work for someone else.

Call to Worship

Watching and waiting
for signs of the Lord’s presence
we look to the trembling of mountains
and changing patterns of the sky.
Expecting the dramatic,
the Lord brings hope
in the silence and the stillness
of waiting with us.
the Lord embraces
the sorrowing
with the promise of what tomorrow may bring.
Whispering words of courage
the Lord leads
those who feel imprisoned by their lives
to places of freedom.
Gently tearing at the frameworks
of our lives
the Lord lays the foundations
for justice to be established
in all of creation.

Let us call on the name of the Lord,
and know the presence of God
in the faces of the people we meet,
and in the wonder of our worship.

Let us worship God.

Opening Prayer

Hear us,
O Shepherd of Creation,
for we gather with the cherubic and seraphim
to worship You.
In You graciousness
You have set Your presence in our midst
that we might be saved from ourselves.
In love,
You placed Your Son,
Jesus Christ,
into the heart of all human life.
With word and action,
caring and compassion,
anger and challenge,
He made clear the ambition
You had for the world.
Speaking words of hope,
those who had felt crushed
by the world of which they were part
found the possibility of a new tomorrow
a clear signal of Your love.

Our words to others
and even to ourselves
are not always full of hope.
So often we use words
to hurt,
to belittle and undermine,
to prove ourselves superior,
and in doing so
we make no place for Your story of love
to be told.
We turn to You
that in Your forgiveness
You might lead us to the light of Your love
and restore us to You path.


God Almighty,
restored by You
may we faithfully play our part
in reviving hope in the world
that all may know Christ’s presence.

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