Sunday 7th December 2014 – Advent 2B

We have a special visitor, and while I’ve written some of the prayers I’ve also looked at past things and reworked them.   So here I offer a Call to Worship and an Opening Prayer. 


Call to Worship

A voice is calling –

Comfort my people.

Speak to them tenderly.

Proclaim that there service is completed.


A voice is calling –

Prepare the way

for God in the midst,

with a straight path

through the wilderness

of dusty hearts and wild imaginations.

From the troughs and peaks of our lives

the Lord’s voice calls us

to His presence,

so His glory might be revealed

and inspire us

to worship and speak of Him.


Let us respond

to the voice of the Lord,

and worship Him.



Opening Prayer

Comforting God,

Your voice echoes into our hearts

and our minds,

stirring imaginations and emotions

to encounter Your presence.

It is a challenging voice

that will not let humanity settle

with the status quo,

and instead wrestles

with the day to day experiences

of living in the world.

From the lows of loss,

from the highs of celebration,

You are the settling presence

that calls Your creation together

to a place where

You provide nourishment and refreshment

can fill the empty spaces.


Lord of salvation,

save us from ourselves

and the harm we cause.

In anger and displeasure

we rage at the world around

causing hurt and devastation.

Our ability to offer care and compassion

can be remiss

when half heartedly

we invest ourselves in relationships

and causes.

Yet You are unfailing in Your love,

and in Your presence

we bring the torment we have caused.




With a kiss of peace,

gracious Lord,

You remind us of Your faithfulness

and in Your love

You prepare us again

to serve You

in Christ’s name.



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