Sunday 4th January 2015 – Epiphany

A Call to Worship and an Opening Prayer.   For the Prayers of the People, I have reworked something from “Shine on, Star of Bethlehem” compiled by Geoffrey Duncan for Christian Aid and CAFOD.

Call to Worship

Arise and shine,

for the light of the world is in our midst

and beckons within our lives

to follow.

Throwing back the thick darkness

of our anguish and fears,

the Lord sets a path

that leads individuals

and nations

to the dawn of fresh possibilities.


Let us lift up our eyes,

to take in the breadth of those

who sit around us

and the world of which we are part.

Let us delight

in the creation

as the riches of the Lord’s presence

lead us into new experiences

of people and places.


Let us proclaim our praise of God.


Let us worship God.



Opening Prayer

Star of heaven,

who guides all people

to find a place of wonder

beneath Your blazing beams,

within Your presence all generations flourish.

You who have an interest in all,

take delight in upholding those

who have been cast down

or ignored by governments,


and neighbours.

Like rain falling,

You wash away the pain of hurt

and encourage instead

growth in Your light,

and unsettle the status quo

with the possibility of change.


Transforming Presence,

at the start of a New Year,

in the presence of Your light

we recall the dark shadows

we would choose to hide in.

We bring our memories of ignorances,

the fall outs and failures,

the hurts we have felt at others misunderstanding of us

and the situations we are in,

and seek the power of your forgiveness

so that we might step out anew with You

and discover a new path

on which You invite us to set our feet.




With new found humility

may we take courage from the knowledge of Your loves of us

and live as those restored to Your presence.



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