Sunday 29th March 2015 – Palm/Passion Sunday

Opening Prayer

In Your presence we praise You,

for the enduring nature of Your love,

Eternal and everliving God.

You who have opened the gateway

that leads to a deeper knowledge and understanding of You,

and who seeks to rescue all people

whenever they flounder and fall

from the way

that has been revealed in Jesus Christ.

Each day brings new adventures and wonders

inspired by the perfect love You offer.


Save us, O Lord,

from our failings.

Save us from rejecting the truth of Your word,

and instead allow us to be challenged

and transformed.

Save us from rejecting others,

when they do not meet our expectations.

Save us from rejection

when we fall short of the hopes of others.

Save us,

that we may rejoice and be glad

in the creation of each new day.





You bless us with Your presence in our lives.

In You we are made whole,

the people You have called us to be

And with You,

Your love reaches into all of life.



Sunday 22nd March 2015 – Lent 5B

Call to Worship and an Opening Prayer


Call to Worship

Unfailing in His love,

our Merciful Lord sweeps compassion

through all our failings,

restoring us to wholeness in his presence.

Reflecting his light

in the lives we lead

may we be transformed

to glimmer like snow;

may our newness lead us to be glad;

and may we be filled with joy

as we rejoice

that in the Lord we are made complete.


Opening Prayer

Covenanting God,

You keep Your promises

and in the stories of faith

You have assured Your people of Your presence in all of life.

Leading those in need of rescue

to mountain tops and plains,

even on troubled journeys

You have found ways in which

to meet the needs of those who hunger and thirst.

With love

You have tapped at the hardest of hearts,

and placed words that offer hope and inspiration deep within.

So even when Your people fall or fail,

You are growing in the darkness

to bring new colour, light and truth

in the future still to come.

Tender Lord,

hear us as we speak of how we fail.

For we grumble

at the place we find ourselves in life.

It’s never quite enough,

or all we hoped for.

Others tear at our confidence,

or we find people tired and wearisome.

Hear us,

and cause us to listen to ourselves.




Gracious God,

with Your forgiveness

we are prune from our old ways

and stemmed and staked

to grow into Your light.

May we hear Your voice

in the words and tasks

others invite us to,

and may Your Holy Spirit

enable us

to live as Christ has shown.


Sunday 8th March 2015 – Lent 3B

A new set of prayers for this week, although no Offertory Prayer.

Call to Worship

The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Day after day,

night after night

their silent, visual voice pours forth its knowledge,

reaching out to the ends of the earth.


Under the canopy of heaven

we gather to rejoice in the love of the Lord

and for the law written upon our hearts.

He inspires us to joy

as his ways bring light and radiance

to our dealings with creation.


The Lord’s words are so precious,

being sweetness to each thought and word.

May the words of our mouths

and the thoughts of our hearts,

bring pleasure to the Lord.



Prayer of Approach, Confession and Forgiveness

Gracious Lord,

You are a God of love

who seeks out Your creation

that she might be restored to You

and to each other.

With words of law,

You offer indications

of the kind of relationships

You seek between those You love.

With the presence of Christ,

you turned over legalistic tendencies

to focus in each person.

The activity of Your Holy Spirit wraps around human turmoil

to better reflect Your love.

You are to be praised

for the continuing inspiration

You bring to the present and the future

of all life.


For all these calls to love,

how often we have failed.

For all the ambition

to show respect,

how quickly we turn to sniping and undermining.

Forgive us for the pain we inflict upon others

as we snarl in word,

swipe with anger,

and kick in ignorance.

Forgive us for the wounds we nurse

as we refuse to let go

of the hurt inflicted by others.

Lord have mercy.




Merciful Lord,

You alone bring the peace that settles our hearts.

May we be filled with your love

and sent forth to be bearers of Your hope,

through Jesus Christ, Your Son our Lord.



Prayers of the People

God who seeks us out

and unsettles us,

turn over the tables of our lives

that we might find new ways of being Your people.

We thank You

that Your Holy Spirit speaks to us

in unexpected ways,

inviting us to play our part

in creating the presence of heaven

in the life around us.


Here at this table,

Your grace has fed us

and will inspire much from us

in our activities and prayers.

Our hands and voices cannot be settled

when You have tasks for them.

We thank You for the many people of faith

who have played and continue to play

their part in bringing knowledge of Jesus

to the life of others.

For those who have made that knowledge more than a story,

but instead inspired us with a living faith

that allows Christ to be seen

in care offered to others;

in justice that changes lives;

and in hope that offers new ways of being.


Turn over the tables of our world,

so that faith may once again shape the life of many

and call people away from selfish ambition

to community spirit.


Turn over the tables of indifference,

so that those who are treated unjustly

by political powers and author figures

find voices of support

rise in anger against

poverty, homelessness and bias.


Turn over the tables of neglect

ensuring that the hungry are fed,

that children receive education,

that the housebound and afraid are cared for.


Turn over our lives,

that we may be those

who live as Christ inspired

and bring Your comfort to our world.