Sunday 22nd March 2015 – Lent 5B

Call to Worship and an Opening Prayer


Call to Worship

Unfailing in His love,

our Merciful Lord sweeps compassion

through all our failings,

restoring us to wholeness in his presence.

Reflecting his light

in the lives we lead

may we be transformed

to glimmer like snow;

may our newness lead us to be glad;

and may we be filled with joy

as we rejoice

that in the Lord we are made complete.


Opening Prayer

Covenanting God,

You keep Your promises

and in the stories of faith

You have assured Your people of Your presence in all of life.

Leading those in need of rescue

to mountain tops and plains,

even on troubled journeys

You have found ways in which

to meet the needs of those who hunger and thirst.

With love

You have tapped at the hardest of hearts,

and placed words that offer hope and inspiration deep within.

So even when Your people fall or fail,

You are growing in the darkness

to bring new colour, light and truth

in the future still to come.

Tender Lord,

hear us as we speak of how we fail.

For we grumble

at the place we find ourselves in life.

It’s never quite enough,

or all we hoped for.

Others tear at our confidence,

or we find people tired and wearisome.

Hear us,

and cause us to listen to ourselves.




Gracious God,

with Your forgiveness

we are prune from our old ways

and stemmed and staked

to grow into Your light.

May we hear Your voice

in the words and tasks

others invite us to,

and may Your Holy Spirit

enable us

to live as Christ has shown.


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