Sunday 29th March 2015 – Palm/Passion Sunday

Opening Prayer

In Your presence we praise You,

for the enduring nature of Your love,

Eternal and everliving God.

You who have opened the gateway

that leads to a deeper knowledge and understanding of You,

and who seeks to rescue all people

whenever they flounder and fall

from the way

that has been revealed in Jesus Christ.

Each day brings new adventures and wonders

inspired by the perfect love You offer.


Save us, O Lord,

from our failings.

Save us from rejecting the truth of Your word,

and instead allow us to be challenged

and transformed.

Save us from rejecting others,

when they do not meet our expectations.

Save us from rejection

when we fall short of the hopes of others.

Save us,

that we may rejoice and be glad

in the creation of each new day.





You bless us with Your presence in our lives.

In You we are made whole,

the people You have called us to be

And with You,

Your love reaches into all of life.



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