Sunday 19th April 2015 – Easter 3B (2)

Opening Prayer

With words of peace,

Risen Presence,

You step into the turmoil of life.

Surrounding the creaking and groaning

of the cogs of creation,

Your peace lets us view

the colour and hue ,

the pattern and design.

You open our ears

to listen to the message found

in the simplicity

of gurgling water

and buzzing insects.

In the peace and stillness of our worship,

You inspire us

to rest and settle in Your living presence.


Active Spirit,

even in the call to peace,

You bring the turmoil and the tension

of our lives to bear.

Travelling through

the depths of our experiences

You sense the impatience and anguish within.

Winding around the inner pandemonium,

You bring new vision of how to live,

caught between the need to rest ourselves

and the urge to serve You.


Forgive us, Holy One,

for not living in Your peace,

and instead allowing the potential of our rage and unsettlement

to burst forth

into the lives of others.

We turn to You remembering those times

when we have unnecessarily rocked the boat

and brought others to difficult places in their lives.

And we remember those who have disturbed our peace,

with their own anxieties,

and seek Your presence in their lives.


“Peace be with you”

says our Risen Lord.

May we place our will in You hands,

Sustainer of our lives.



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