Sunday 24th May 2015 – Pentecost B (2)

Opening Prayer

Holy Spirit of God,

engulfing creation with the grace of God,

Your presence transforms life

bringing new energy and vigour

to tired and empty people and places.

Enflamed with a desire

to bring the presence of God

into every heart and community

You step out of expectations

and reach out

in unexpected ways

to speak of the work of the Creator

in unusual places.


Dancing in our time of worship,

You, Creative Spirit,

inspire us to have hope

in what we already know of God,

that we might bring peace and comfort

to times of uncertainty and unrest.

And in times of contentment,

you are the Urging Prompt

that stirs us

to never settle with what suits us,

but instead to open our arms

and embrace diversity and challenge.


At times we are impetuous

and do not listen for the call of Your Spirit

as we speak and act without thinking

and bring hurt and anxiety

into the lives of those we know.

But we are also complacent,

and do not respond to the call

fearing that we will not live up to the tasks

to which You invite us to participate.




Enflamed with the forgiveness of God

who call us from the darkness

of the barriers we have placed around us,

the Lord invites us

to sparkle with faith

and speak in joy

of the promise found in lives shared with Christ.



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